“I believe that great design has a soul. It is built through a deep connection with yourself.”

“I love taking inspiration from nature while shaping living spaces. Nature is replete with extraordinary design.”

“The best living spaces are not designed overnight.”

“There is beauty in the philosophy of less.”

“Luxury is not a whole but a collaboration of minute details.”

“Simple and significant will always be better than extravagant and overreaching. Effective design retains the elements of simplicity.”

“Elegance lies in choosing just the right things that complement design philosophy perfectly.”

“The best designers choose the right inspirations for the right design.”

“Design for the future, with the right intention, responsibility and thoughtfulness.”

“Real elegance comes from the mind that knows its purpose.”

Mr. Ravi Desai is a new-age entrepreneur who wishes to bring in his experience and expertise to real estate through his signature brand – Ravi Desai, with a dash of his evolved personal taste. This ‘signature brand’ is envisaged to grow into a formidable name across industries, products and other categories while still holding on its core philosophy.

The belief of ‘elegance through simplicity’ drives every aspect of design at Ravi Desai Signature Real Estate, along with a progressive mind-set towards technology, materials and management methods. With Anutham, Ravi Desai Signature Real Estate wishes to redefine construction and architecture in our city.